Attention: You Are About To Learn About A REVOLUTIONARY Proven Online System That Allows You To Become A Highly Successful Virtual Landlord - Even If You Have No Idea About Computers Or HTML. So Read Every Word On This Page Because It May Be The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Read...

How To Build A Thriving And Profitable Virtual Real Estate Leasing Business That Allows You To Rent Out Websites To Eager Business Owners And Collect Rental Cheques From Them Every Single Month - By Harnessing The 'Little-Known' & Untapped Potential of The Search Engines!

This Amazing Online Marketing System Was Created By Arguably Two Of The Sharpest Search Engine Marketers in Southeast Asia - Fabian Lim & Andrew Koh!

FabianLim-planeThanks for visiting this page.

My name is Fabian Lim, Founder & Group CEO of, Southeast Asia's first real-time mobile platform for home & lifestyle services. Best described as the "Uber for Local Services", the Page Advisor mobile app is currently available for download in Singapore and Malaysia.

I'm also Straits Times Bestselling Author of "Click! Work Anytime, Live Anywhere - Uncommon Sense Entrepreneurial Secrets of a DotCom Millionaire". Still skeptical? Then I highly recommend you take a moment to view my LinkedIn Profile before you continue reading...
You may or may not have heard of me before, but I am not new at helping ordinary folks who have had absolutely no experience achieve extraordinary levels of success online. And if you too would like to create the same kind of business that generates monumental profits and gives you a great lifestyle, this will be the most important invitation you'll ever receive!
Disclosure: I have since retired from online marketing education and handed over the reigns of this business to my business partner, Andrew Koh. I assure you that Andrew will be able to guide you along your online entrepreneurship journey if you allow him to. Why am I so confident of this? Because as you will see in a moment, Andrew not only walks-the walk, but also talks-the-talk. Completely down-to-earth and a no nonsense kind of guy. The truth is, believe it or not, there are very few online experts who can actually show you proof of their success! And to this end, Andrew is one clear exception, because he not only mastered online marketing in just a few short years, he is actually making a full-time living on the internet today!

Andrew Koh sharing his success and experience as a new internet entrepreneur back in 2013. Andrew has since mastered online marketing and co-authored the Virtual Real Estate system with me.
But what is the Virtual Real Estate system anyway?
The Virtual Real Estate system, known as VRE for short, is a method of researching ideal online markets and developing highly effective websites where business owners are willing to lease the entire website from you, and pay you a monthly rental fee in exchange for this benefit.

The reason why business owners are willing to rent such websites is simply because these websites are able to attract highly targeted (and profitable) commercial visitors from search engines - not only because these websites rank well in Google, but also because they attract 'commercially valuable' prospects i.e. visitors who are in the 'ready to purchase' mode. The reason for renting a website is really no different from the reason why business owners rent a retail shop!

However, the similarity stops here!
Here are several compelling benefits why the Virtual Real Estate system is far superior to other online and offline business models:

  • Build an online business on a part-time basis.
  • Work from anywhere! No need to pay rent for an office.
  • Start with little or none of your own money. No inventory required.
  • No employees required.
  • Simple proven system that works in ANY economy and market conditions.
In addition, our VRE business model offers you the following specific benefits
  • A proven step-by-step approach. We literally 'spoon feed' you to online success!
  • Highly detailed notes so you can easily follow along during the actual training
  • Step-by-step templates and checklists designed for complete beginners and for you to follow easily.
  • Never have to deal with customers on a daily basis (since you are leasing the entire website). Perfect for people who do not wish to pick up calls or answer inquiries!
  • Never have to deal with multiple merchants - since you are only dealing with one tenant (i.e. one business owner) at a time
  • The entire system costs very little to setup as it depends on FREE search engine traffic
  • You will learn how to get #1 Search Engine rankings...literally at will!
  • This is as 'hands-off' as it gets compared to other online business models!
  • And much much more!
In short, this means one thing.

Once you learn and take action using our VRE system, you will finally be able to do what you really want to do with your life. Spend time with your family, take great vacations, live in a home you love, travel in style... bring your own personal definition of what "success" means to full-color, three-dimensional life.

You will also be fascinated in fact, your head will be spinning! by new, different, additional Internet-specific opportunities that require NO "bricks and mortar," NO inventory and NO employees!

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How can you tell who really is the real deal? Simple. Ask them to show verifiable proof of their online success!

After all, it is difficult to aspire to help others succeed if they themselves are still struggling to make a decent living.


"Former Singapore Airlines Stewardess Turned Full-Time Internet Entrepreneur"

Watch this video below, as former SIA girl, Shanneez Chng, shares her amazing story of how she was able to quit her airline job of seven years and succeed in 'living life on her own terms' as a successful internet entrepreneur!

FREE Instant Download CLICK! Book Lite Edition When You REGISTER and a FREE Paperback (Full Version) When You ATTEND the Free Workshop (USD29.99 Value)!


Actual Proof Of This Virtual Real Estate System Will Be REVEALED To You During The FREE Workshop!

You Will Also Be Able To Listen First-Hand, How Andrew And Others Were Not Only Able To Build & Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic To These Sites, But Also How He Was Able to Rent Out Websites Like These Below For A Very Handsome Monthly Fee...

Note: We had to blur out parts of the actual websites because these site are currently being rented out to REAL online business owners (i.e. tenants).

And Here Are Some REAL Video Feedback Of People Who Have Benefited From Our Past Workshops...

The above video was taken over five years ago. Jian Yong had just completed my internet marketing training one month prior. At that time, Jian Yong was a hard-working swimming instructor but was broke and had no money. But after learning from me how to build a successful internet business, he managed to transform from being broke into becoming a highly successful online entrepreneur in just three short years!

Today, Tan Jian Yong runs over 10 internet businesses and lives a lifestyle most can only dream about.

Watch the video below to see how the internet transformed Jian Yong from a broke swimming instructor to a highly successful online entrepreneur in a few short years!
The truth is, Jian Yong is NOT alone in this internet entrepreneurship journey... I personally know hundreds of other individuals who with amazing speed and unbelievable ease have used their free time to create profit-generating online machines that operate at full tilt 24/7, even though they only work half as much (or even less) than they used to. And many of them have since become full-time online entrepreneurs, just like Jian Yong. And I know exactly how they did it... do I know? Because I showed them HOW to do it. And my business partner, Andrew Koh will show YOU how to do it too! If you want to learn how to build a SUCCESSFUL and LEGITIMATE internet business and enjoy the lifestyle freedom you've always wanted, and are willing to put in some effort to achieve your desired financial success, then read on...
Eddie Loke, a graduate of my internet marketing program was able to build several profitable online businesses just within a few months (watch Eddie's video testimonial for proof!). What's more, he's able to enjoy and benefit from the time freedom and "work anywhere" lifestyle that an internet business offers.
Aidah Omar, is today a highly successful online entrepreneur. Aidah has this to say about her modest online success, "Thank You Fabian for Equipping Me With The Essential Internet Marketing Knowledge... I Now Longer Need To Depend On Anyone For A Job!"
In 2007, I Decided To Attend Fabian's Internet Marketing Training. And That Was My Life's Turning Point. I'm Now Managing My Own Interior Design Firm In Less Than Six Months, With What I Learnt From Fabian, It Helped Break The Company's Record And Brought In Six-Figure MONTHLY Revenue!"

Let Andrew Koh share with you our proven, successful, and profitable online wealth strategies LIVE... NOT from a book or CD!
This FREE workshop is just 3 hours but make no mistake it is not going to be just some brief overview, but instead, an INTENSE and INFORMATION PACKED TRAINING PROGRAM. "I GUARANTEE that this training will contain ample real-world case studies, based on our proven online methodology."

Over the past ten years, thousands of people have attended my seminars and now it is YOUR TURN to harness the power of the internet - the RIGHT WAY!

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Yours In Success,
Fabian Lim Author of Click! Work Anytime, Live Anywhere.

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